salty sour

Words projected, ejected
As though you were unable to contain
The taste of fury, salty sour on your tongue —
good riddance, yes
get rid of your demons —
was it worth putting your
money where your mouth is
only to choke on the bitterness?

Shades of a Pacific sunset

The sun burns gold through orange to red.
Bodies emerge from the ocean
giggling, dragging themselves from waves to rocks
and back to waves,
before finally allowing the milky shallows
that reflect the burning sun
until the blue-grey turns to marbled shades of umber
to abide to a rhythm all of their own.

Of soil and bridges

I tread new soil and
burn old bridges.
But the threads that run through me
disguised as new ideas and identities
have long been woven into this
patchwork of lives and lives
in a foreign place;
A place of soil and bridges
that I have never stepped upon
and to which I will never return.