C|O Berlin

C|O Berlin is a charitable arts foundation formed in 2000 that holds photography exhibitions in the unique cultural space of Amerika Haus. A former post-war education and culture facility, the building nowadays hosts a variety of visual arts exhibitions each year to critical acclaim. Diverse and thought-provoking projects are compiled from the collections of individuals, archives and galleries around the globe, showcasing works by world renowned artists such as Annie Leibovitz and Andy Warhol as well as providing a platform for emerging photographers.

The gallery displays two different exhibits and rotates the collections on a tri-monthly basis. This results in an ever-changing and thematically diverse display of art that is visually beautiful and often confronting. Recent collections have included The Polaroid Project by Wim Wenders and the controversial Impossible Love by Nobuyoshi Araki that featured explicit content and was heavily criticised in the context of Me Too and sexual equality. C|O Berlin is not afraid of displaying controversial works, and the visitor can be assured that each visit will offer a unique experience and provoke artistic debate.

If you would like a deeper insight into the collections, guided tours are available in both German and English for an extra 5€ on top of the 10€ entrance fee (6€ concession). Photography enthusiasts will also appreciate the bookshop, which has a range of literature on visual arts theory and detailed photo albums, and don’t forget the café with its outdoor terrace for tempting cakes and drinks after your visit. Hot tip: you can also get a reduced price on your ticket to the nearby Museum of Photography if you visit both on the same day.

C|O Berlin
Hardenbergstraße 22-24. 10623 Berlin
HOURS: Exhibition and Bookshop: Daily 11 – 20
Café: Daily 10 – 20

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